Trillium is an advanced multilayer payment technology Trillium (TT) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built to enable cross-border commercial transactions. The system enables traders and payees to send money using a decentralized network to their clients or investors in other territories.


Use of Trillium enables ease and freedom of use not only for customers but also for platforms. The classic payment methods that exist today restrict both platforms and users.

Despite the huge market for social networks, the speed, reliability and transparency of payments are still far from ideal. We create a secure, useful & easy-to-use solution based on blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

At the end, our aim is to integrate all social platforms, customers and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

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Token name:

Trillium Token

Symbol :


Number of tokens:

10 Billion

Automatic LP:


Token holder:


Transaction tax:




Public Listing Liquidity:


Maximum Supply:

10 billion coins

BSC contract address:



Passive Income

Earn passive income by holding Trilliumtoken tokens

Great Community

Speak directly to the Trillium token team or chat with our like-minded community

Anti Whales

Anti-Whale feature to prevent pump-dump-existing whales for price movement protecting


Q2 2021

• Development Trillium
( Website/Token ) • Prepare Whitepaper

Q3 2021 - Project Initialized

• We have successfully deployed our token to Binance SmartChain.
The Trillium Finance Corporation was incorporated too.
We commenced DEX trading on PancakeSwap

Q4 2021 - Pilot and Scale

• Fundraiser for Exchange listing(such as Whitebit, TT and other major CEX/DEX) listing.
The Trillium platform will be engineered.
Trillium will commence the pilot phase of the product, to enable users swap their Fiat for foreign currencies.
The Trillium wallet

Q1 2022 - Growth

• We would open physical offices in the whole world.
More businesses and freelancers would be allowed to use the platform for cross-border payments and Remittances.
Europe expansion and Fiat Channels, overdrafts and Trillium Notes.
Community Growth and further Exchange listings.

Q2 2022 - Global Launch

• Engineering of Trillium Chain Test Net commences.
Full launch of the Trillium Cross-border payments platform.
Increase access to the pilot for the Trillium notes, Mass user adoption and Team growth.

Q3 2022

• Architecting NFT Exchange
• Trillium Bots: DEX bots, Farming bots
• Trillium Wallet
• Trillium Game
• Trillium Exchange (P2P)
• NFT Marketplace


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.